Spinal shrinkage due to +Gz forces.

  title={Spinal shrinkage due to +Gz forces.},
  author={Olavi H{\"a}m{\"a}l{\"a}inen and Heikki Vanharanta and Markku Hupli and Markku Karhu and Pentti Kuronen and Hannu O. Kinnunen},
  journal={Aviation, space, and environmental medicine},
  volume={67 7},
BACKGROUND Fighter pilots frequently complain of inflight pain in the cervical or lumbar spine. As to the cervical spine, there is evidence that repeated exposures to high +Gz forces and inflight neck pain may cause premature cervical disk degeneration. Whether inflight lumbar pain caused by high +Gz forces has a similar effect on the lumbar spine has not been studied. HYPOTHESIS The aim of the study was to investigate whether high +Gz forces during aerial combat maneuvering reduces the body… CONTINUE READING

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