Spinal meningiomas.

  title={Spinal meningiomas.},
  author={Izzie Namer and Mehmet Necmettin Pamir and Kemal Benli and S{\"u}leyman Sağlam and Aykut Erbengi},
  volume={30 1},
Between the years of 1970-1982 29 spinal meningioma cases were operated on; 22 cases (76%) were female and 7 (24%) were male. The youngest patient was 16, and the oldest was 68 years old. On neurological examination, patients had neurological deficits in varying degrees. Diagnosis were done by myelography in all cases. Laminectomy was performed in all cases. 34.4% of cases were situated in cervical region and 65.6% were in thoracic region. 14% of the tumours were located extradurally and 68… CONTINUE READING