Spinal cord schistosomiasis: unexpected postmortem finding.


OBJECTIVES To report a case of a US resident, originally from Liberia, with chronic hepatitis C infection who developed acute neurologic symptoms of the lower limbs. METHODS Our case is compared to previously reported similar cases, with emphasis on clinical symptoms, investigations, diagnosis, and prognosis. RESULTS The patient was transferred to the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics for further management of severe retroperitoneal bleeding and died 2 days after admission. The diagnosis of schistosomiasis was established on examination of the spinal cord at autopsy, where multiple Schistosoma mansoni eggs were seen in the vasculature of the spinal cord. CONCLUSIONS The diagnosis of schistosomiasis may go undiagnosed in countries where the disease is not endemic but should be considered when investigating spinal cord disease in patients native to an endemic area or international travelers.


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@article{Jaber2013SpinalCS, title={Spinal cord schistosomiasis: unexpected postmortem finding.}, author={Omar I. Jaber and Patricia A. Kirby}, journal={American journal of clinical pathology}, year={2013}, volume={140 1}, pages={33-6} }