Spinal anesthesia: bupivacaine compared with tetracaine.

  title={Spinal anesthesia: bupivacaine compared with tetracaine.},
  author={Daniel C Moore},
  journal={Anesthesia and analgesia},
  volume={59 10},
A solution of 0.75% bupivacaine (Marcaine) in 8.25% dextrose was compared with a similar solution of tetracaine (Pontocaine), the drug most used for spinal anesthesia in the USA. The study employed a randomized double-blind method and a standardized technique for spinal anesthesia in 435 patients. For perineal and lower extremity surgery, 7.5 mg of the local anesthetic was injected, and for intra-abdominal gynecologic surgery, 12 mg was administered. With the 7.5-mg dose, in only one of 121… CONTINUE READING

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