Spin-up/spin-down of magnetized stars with accretion discs and outflows

  title={Spin-up/spin-down of magnetized stars with accretion discs and outflows},
  author={Richard V. E. Lovelace and Marina M. Romanova and Gennady S Bisnovatyi-Kogan},
  journal={Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society},
An investigation is made of disk accretion of matter onto a rotating star with an aligned dipole magnetic field. A new aspect of this work is that when the angular velocity of the star and disk differ substantially we argue that the $\bf B$ field linking the star and disk rapidly inflates to give regions of open field lines extending from the polar caps of the star and from the disk. The open field line region of the disk leads to the possibility of magnetically driven outflows. An analysis is… 
We investigate the rotational dynamics of disk accretion around a strongly magnetized neutron star with an aligned dipole field. The magnetospheric field is assumed to thread the disk plasma both
Force-Free Models of Magnetically Linked Star-Disk Systems
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Jet Outbursts from Fast Accretion in a Disk with Zebra-Stripe Magnetic Field
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Partial Field Opening and Current Sheet Formation in the Disk Magnetosphere
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Dynamics of Magnetic Loops in the Coronae of Accretion Disks
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The propeller regime of disk accretion to a rapidly rotating magnetized star is investigated here for the first time by axisymmetric 2.5-dimensional magnetohydrodynamic simulations. An expanded,
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An analytical model is developed for the screening of the external magnetic field of a rotating, axisymmetric neutron star due to the accretion of plasma from a disk. The decrease of the field occurs


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