Spin tunneling, Berry phases, and doped antiferromagnets.

  title={Spin tunneling, Berry phases, and doped antiferromagnets.},
  journal={Physical review. B, Condensed matter},
  volume={48 5},
  • Auerbach
  • Published 10 December 1992
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Physical review. B, Condensed matter
Interference effects between Berry-phase factors in spin-tunneling systems have been discussed by several groups in the context of quantum magnets. I point out that similar effects appear in the semiclassical analysis of the two-dimensional doped antiferromagnet. As a consequence, the sign of the dispersion of a spin polaron in the t-J model depends on the spin size s in ${\mathit{e}}^{\mathit{i}2\mathrm{\ensuremath{\pi}}\mathit{s}}$. Thus we arrive at a semiclassical interpretation of the… 
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