Spin squeezing: transforming one-axis twisting into two-axis twisting.

  title={Spin squeezing: transforming one-axis twisting into two-axis twisting.},
  author={Yangchen Liu and Z. F. Xu and Guang-Ri Jin and Li You},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={107 1},
  • Y. Liu, Z. Xu, +1 author L. You
  • Published 3 May 2011
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Physical review letters
Squeezed spin states possess unique quantum correlation or entanglement and are significantly promising for advancing quantum information processing and quantum metrology. In recent back-to-back publications [C. Gross et al., Nature (London) 464, 1165 (2010) and Max F. Riedel et al., Nature (London) 464, 1170 (2010)], reduced spin fluctuations are observed leading to spin squeezing at -8.2 and -2.5 dB, respectively, in two-component atomic condensates exhibiting one-axis-twisting interactions… 

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