Spin gapless semiconducting behavior in equiatomic quaternary CoFeMnSi Heusler alloy

  title={Spin gapless semiconducting behavior in equiatomic quaternary CoFeMnSi Heusler alloy},
  author={Lakhan Bainsla and A. I. Mallick and Muthuvel Manivel Raja and Arun Kumar Nigam and B. S. D. C. S. Varaprasad and Y. K. Takahashi and Aftab Alam and K. G. Suresh and Kazuhiro Hono},
  journal={Physical Review B},
In this paper, we report the signature of spin gapless semiconductor (SGS) in CoFeMnSi that belongs to the Heusler family. SGS is a new class of magnetic semiconductors which have a band gap for one spin subband and zero band gap for the other, and thus are useful for tunable spin transport based applications. We show various experimental evidences for SGS behavior in CoFeMnSi by carefully carrying out the transport and spin-polarization measurements. SGS behavior is also confirmed by first… Expand
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Origin of spin gapless semiconductor behavior in CoFeCrGa: Theory and Experiment
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Structures, magnetism and transport properties of the potential spin-gapless semiconductor CoFeMnSi alloy
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Fabrication and intrinsic physical property of spin-gapless like Heusler alloy CoFeMnSi single crystal
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Half-metallic ferromagnetism and Ru-induced localization in quaternary Heusler alloy CoRuMnSi
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Electron Spectrum of Gapless Semiconductors