Spin-forbidden deprotonation of aqueous nitroxyl (HNO).

  title={Spin-forbidden deprotonation of aqueous nitroxyl (HNO).},
  author={Vladimir Shafirovich and Sergei V Lymar},
  journal={Journal of the American Chemical Society},
  volume={125 21},
The first mechanistic study of a spin-forbidden proton-transfer reaction in aqueous solution is reported. Laser flash photolysis of alkaline trioxodinitrate (N(2)O(3)(2)(-), Angeli's anion) is used to generate a nitroxyl anion in its excited singlet state ((1)NO(-)). Through rapid partitioning between protonation by water and electronic relaxation, (1)NO(-) produces (1)HNO (ground state, yield 96%) and (3)NO(-) (ground state, yield 4%), which comprise a unique conjugate acid-base couple with… CONTINUE READING

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