Spin-exchange-induced exotic superfluids in a Bose-Fermi spinor mixture

  title={Spin-exchange-induced exotic superfluids in a Bose-Fermi spinor mixture},
  author={Chuanzhou Zhu and Li Chen and Hui Hu and Xia-ji Liu and H. Pu},
  journal={Physical Review A},
We consider a mixture of spin-1/2 bosons and fermions, where only the bosons are subjected to the spin-orbit coupling induced by Raman beams. The fermions, although not directly coupled to the Raman lasers, acquire an effective spin-orbit coupling through the spin-exchange interaction between the two species. Our calculation shows that this is a promising way of obtaining spin-orbit coupled Fermi gas without Raman-induced heating, where the long-sought topological Fermi superfluids and… Expand

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