Spin-echo versus gradient-echo fMRI with short echo times.

  title={Spin-echo versus gradient-echo fMRI with short echo times.},
  author={Patrick W. Stroman and Vanessa Krause and Uta N Frankenstein and Krisztina L. Malisza and Boguslaw Tomanek},
  journal={Magnetic resonance imaging},
  volume={19 6},
Blood-oxygen level dependent signal changes in the visual cortex were investigated as a function of echo time with spin-echo and gradient-echo EPI at 1.5 T and 3 T. The linear relationship between the fractional signal change and the echo time was apparent in all cases. Relaxation rate changes determined from the slope of this linear relation agree with published values, intercept values extrapolated to an echo time of zero, however, were 0.66% to 1.0% with spin-echo EPI, and 0.11% to 0.35… CONTINUE READING

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