Spin dependent impurity effects on the 2D frustrated magnetism of NiGa2S4.

  title={Spin dependent impurity effects on the 2D frustrated magnetism of NiGa2S4.},
  author={Yusuke Nambu and Satoru Nakatsuji and Yoshiteru Maeno and Edem K. Okudzeto and Julia Y. Chan},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={101 20},
Impurity effects on the triangular antiferromagnets Ni1-xMxGa2S4 (M=Mn, Fe, Co and Zn) are studied. The 2D frozen spin-disordered state of NiGa2S4 is stable against the substitution of Zn2+ (S=0) and Heisenberg Fe2+ (S=2) spins, and exhibits a T2-dependent magnetic specific heat, scaled by the Weiss temperature. In contrast, the substitutions with Co2+ (S=3/2) spin with Ising-like anisotropy and Heisenberg Mn2+ (S=5/2) spin induce a conventional spin glass phase below 1 K. From these… 
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Two-dimensional magnetism and spin-size effect in the S = 1 triangular antiferromagnet NiGa(2)S(4).
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A scaling law with a single energy scale of the Weiss temperature is found as an impurity effect and a hydrostatic pressure effect, providing evidence that it is in-plane interactions in the two-dimensional NiS(2) plane that drive the critical slowing down to the viscous spin liquid state at T(*) = 8.5 K and the spin-wave-like excitations of NiGa( 2)S(4) that emerge below T ∼ 3 K.
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