Spin-dependent electrical transport in ion-beam sputter deposited Fe-Cr multilayers

  title={Spin-dependent electrical transport in ion-beam sputter deposited Fe-Cr multilayers},
  author={Arun Majumdar and Arthur F. Hebard and Avinash Singh and D. Temple},
  journal={Physical Review B},
The temperature dependence of the electrical resistivity and magnetoresistance of Xe-ion-beam-sputtered Fe-Cr multilayers has been investigated. The electrical resistivity between 5 and 300 K in the fully ferromagnetic state, obtained by applying a field beyond the saturation field ${(H}_{\mathrm{sat}})$ necessary for the antiferromagnetic- (AF-) ferromagnetic (FM) field-induced transition, shows evidence of spin-disorder resistivity as in crystalline Fe and an s-d scattering contribution (as… 
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