Spin- and valley-dependent magneto-optical properties of MoS 2

  title={Spin- and valley-dependent magneto-optical properties of MoS 2},
  author={F{\'e}lix Rose and Mark Oliver Goerbig and Fr'ed'eric Pi'echon},
  journal={Physical Review B},
We investigate the behavior of low-energy electrons in two-dimensional molybdenum disulfide when submitted to an external magnetic field. Highly degenerate Landau levels form in the material, between which light-induced excitations are possible. The dependence of excitations on light polarization and energy is explicitly determined, and it is shown that it is possible to induce valley and spin polarization, i.e. to excite electrons of selected valley and spin. Whereas the effective low-energy… 

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  • Physics
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  • 2018
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