Spin and Statistics on the Groenewold-Moyal Plane:. Pauli-Forbidden Levels and Transitions

  title={Spin and Statistics on the Groenewold-Moyal Plane:. Pauli-Forbidden Levels and Transitions},
  author={Aiyalam P. Balachandran and Gianpiero Mangano and A. Pinzul and Sachindeo Vaidya},
  journal={International Journal of Modern Physics A},
The Groenewold–Moyal plane is the algebra ${\mathcal A}_\theta({\mathbb R}^{d+1})$ of functions on ℝd+1 with the *-product as the multiplication law, and the commutator $[\hat{x}_\mu,\hat{x}_\nu] =i\theta_{\mu \nu}\, (\mu,\nu=0,1,\ldots,d)$ between the coordinate functions. Chaichian et al.1 and Aschieri et al.2 have proved that the Poincare group acts as automorphisms on ${\mathcal A}_\theta({\mathbb R}^{d+1})$ if the coproduct is deformed. (See also the prior work of Majid,3 Oeckl4 and Grosse… 


The Moyal and Wick–Voros planes $\mathcal{A}_{\theta}^{\mathcal{M}},V$ are *-isomorphic. On each of these planes the Poincare group acts as a Hopf algebra symmetry if its coproducts are deformed by

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