Spin and Scalar Curvature in the Presence of a Fundamental Group. I

  title={Spin and Scalar Curvature in the Presence of a Fundamental Group. I},
  author={Mikhael Gromov and H. Blaine Jr. Lawson},
  journal={Annals of Mathematics},

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On the Generalized Geroch Conjecture for Complete Spin Manifolds

Let W be a closed area enlargeable manifold in the sense of Gromov-Lawson and M be a noncompact spin manifold, the authors show that the connected sum M#W admits no complete metric of positive scalar

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. Comparison theorems are foundational to our understanding of the geometric features implied by various curvature constraints. This paper considers manifolds with a positive lower bound on either


. We survey recent work on topological obstructions to positive scalar curvature. In particular, we discuss the proofs by the authors and by Gromov that an a closed aspherical n -manifold does not

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Here we survey the compactness and geometric stability conjectures formulated by the participants at the 2018 IAS Emerging Topics Workshop on Scalar Curvature and Convergence. We have tried to survey

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In this note, we review some recent developments related to metric aspect of scalar curvature from the point of view of index theory for Dirac operators. In particular, we revisit index-theoretic

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We generalize the famous result of Gromov and Lawson on the nonexistence of metric of positive scalar curvature on enlargeable manifolds to the case of foliations, without using index theorems on

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We give a complete topological characterization of those compact 3-manifolds that support Riemannian metrics of positive scalar curvature and mean-convex boundary. In any such case, we prove that the



Acad. Sci. Paris Ser. A-B

  • Acad. Sci. Paris Ser. A-B
  • 1963

Harmonic analysis and discontinuous groups in weakly symmetric Riemannian spaces with applications to Dirichlet series

In The following lectures we shall give a brief sketch of some representative parts of certain investigations that have been undertaken during the last five years. The center of these investigations


In this article we shall study the topological properties of sheaves of germs of mappings, and for such sheaves construct an analog of obstruction theory. The method proposed makes it possible to

Scalar curvature, non-abelian group actions, and the degree of symmetry of exotic spheres

It is proved that if a compact manifold admits a smooth action by a compact, connected, non-abelian Lie group, then it admits a metric of positive scalar curvature. This result is used to prove that

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Publisher Summary This chapter discusses some recent results by Richard Schoen and Shing-Tung Yau on the structure of manifolds with positive scalar curvature. The chapter presents theorems which are