Spin Wave Based 4-2 Compressor

  title={Spin Wave Based 4-2 Compressor},
  author={Abdulqader Nael Mahmoud and Frederic Vanderveken and Florin Ciubotaru and Christoph Adelmann and Sorin Dan Cotofana and Said Hamdioui},
By their very nature, Spin Waves (SWs) consume ultra-low amounts of energy, which makes them suitable for ultra-low energy consumption applications. In addition, a compressor can be utilized to further reduce the energy consumption and enhance the speed of a multiplier. Therefore, we propose a novel energy efficient SW based 4-2 compressor consisting of 4 XOR gates and 2 Majority gates. The proposed compressor is validated by means of micromagnetic simulations and compared with the state-of-the… Expand

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