Spin Transport in Armchair Silicene Nanoribbon on the Substrate: The Role of Charged Impurity

  title={Spin Transport in Armchair Silicene Nanoribbon on the Substrate: The Role of Charged Impurity},
  author={Shoeib Babaee Touski},
  journal={physica status solidi (b)},
In this work, electrical and spin properties of armchair silicene nanoribbon (ASiNR) in the presence of charged impurity is studied. The non-equilibrium Green's function along with multi-orbital tight-binding is applied to obtain transmission probability. different type of spin transmission probability in the ASiNR on a substrate is investigated. The charged impurities are located in the underlying substrate. Spin-flip along the channel is calculated by using spin transmission probability. Spin… Expand
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