Spin-Torque and Spin-Hall Nano-Oscillators

  title={Spin-Torque and Spin-Hall Nano-Oscillators},
  author={Tingsu Chen and Randy K. Dumas and Anders Eklund and Pranaba K. Muduli and Afshin Houshang and Ahmad A. Awad and Philipp Durrenfeld and Bengt Gunnar Malm and Ana Rusu and Johan Akerman},
  journal={Proceedings of the IEEE},
This paper reviews the state of the art in spin-torque and spin-Hall-effect-driven nano-oscillators. After a brief introduction to the underlying physics, the authors discuss different implementations of these oscillators, their functional properties in terms of frequency range, output power, phase noise, and modulation rates, and their inherent propensity… CONTINUE READING