Spin Structure Functions g1 and g2 for the Proton and Deuteron


The experiment E155 at SLAC measured the spin structure functions g1 and g2 of the proton and deuteron. The experiment used deep inelastic scattering of 48.3 GeV longitudinally polarized electrons incident on polarized solid 15NH3 and LiD targets. The data taken by three independent spectrometers covered a kinematic range of 0.014 < x < 0.9 and 1 (GeV/c) < Q < 40 (GeV/c). Due to the high luminosity and polarization available at SLAC the data on g1 are to date the most precise in this kinematic range. The x and Q dependence of g1 has been studied using NLO PQCD ts, allowing extraction of values for the Bjorken sum rule and quark and gluon spin contributions to the nucleon. Results are presented for g1 and g2 for the proton and deuteron.

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