Spin Singlet Quantum Hall Effect and Nonabelian Landau-Ginzburg Theory

  title={Spin Singlet Quantum Hall Effect and Nonabelian Landau-Ginzburg Theory},
  author={Alexander V. Balatsky},
  journal={International Journal of Modern Physics B},
  • A. Balatsky
  • Published 8 February 1992
  • Physics
  • International Journal of Modern Physics B
In this paper we present a theory of Singlet Quantum Hall Effect (SQHE). We show that the Halperin-Haldane SQHE wave function can be written in the form of a product of a wave function for charged semions in a magnetic field and a wave function for the Chiral Spin Liquid of neutral spin-½ semions. We introduce field-theoretic model in which the electron operators are factorized in terms of charged spinless semions (holons) and neutral spin-½ semions (spinons). Broken time reversal symmetry and… 
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Gauge invariance and current algebra in nonrelativistic many body theory
The main purpose of this paper is to further our theoretical understanding of the fractional quantum Hall effect, in particular of spin effects, in two-dimensional incompressible electron fluids