Spin Injection into a Graphene Thin Film at Room Temperature

  title={Spin Injection into a Graphene Thin Film at Room Temperature},
  author={Megumi Ohishi and Masashi Shiraishi and Ryo Nouchi and Takayuki Nozaki and Teruya Shinjo and Yoshishige Suzuki},
  journal={Japanese Journal of Applied Physics},
We demonstrate spin injection into a graphene thin film with high reliability by using non-local magnetoresistance (MR) measurements, in which the electric current path is completely separated from the spin current path. Using these non-local measurements, an obvious MR effect was observed at room temperature; the MR effect was ascribed to magnetization reversal of ferromagnetic electrodes. This result is a direct demonstration of spin injection into a graphene thin film. Furthermore, this is… 

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