Spin-Exchange Pumped NMR Gyros

  title={Spin-Exchange Pumped NMR Gyros},
  author={T G Walker and Michael S. Larsen},
  journal={arXiv: Atomic Physics},

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Inertial navigation systems generally consist of timing, acceleration, and orientation measurement units. Although much progress has been made towards developing primary timing sources such as atomic
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Effects of spin-exchange collisions on the fluctuation spectra of hot alkali-metal vapors
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We demonstrate that spin-exchange dephasing of Larmor precession at near-Earth-scale fields is effectively eliminated by dressing the alkali-metal atom spins in a sequence of ac-coupled 2π pulses,
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A nuclear spin gyroscope based on an alkali-metal-noble-gas comagnetometer to detect gyroscopic precession and a promising tool in searches for anomalous spin couplings beyond the standard model.
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Experimental limits on new spin-dependent macroscopic forces between neutrons are reported and the coupling strength of neutron spin-spin interactions mediated by light pseudoscalar particles like the axion is placed at the 3 x 10(-7) level.
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The comagnetometer provides a direct measure of several systematic effects that may limit electric dipole moment sensitivity, and the effects of changes in leakage current that result when the applied electric field is changed are measured.
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the nuclear magnetic resonance gyro (NMRG) is a rate integrating single axis gyro that obtains its rotational information from the dynamic angular motion of atomic nuclei. The gyro is being developed
Collisional 3He and 129Xe frequency shifts in Rb-noble-gas mixtures.
The Fermi-contact interaction that characterizes collisional spin exchange of a noble gas with an alkali-metal vapor also gives rise to NMR and EPR frequency shifts of the noble-gas nucleus and the alkala-metal atom, respectively, which allows accurate 129Xe polarimetry with no need to reference a thermal-equilibrium NMR signal.