Spin Dependence of PP Inclusive Reactions

  title={Spin Dependence of PP Inclusive Reactions},
  author={Donald G. Crabb and Pj. Cameron and Peter Holthe Hansen and Alan David Krisch and Toru Shima and Kent M. Terwilliger and Stephan Landers Linn and Arnold b. Perlmutter and Edwin A. Crosbie and Lazarus G. Ratner and Peter Frank Schultz and J. R. O’Fallon},
Data are presented for the spin correlation parameter ANN in the inclusive reactions P↑ + P↑ → π+ + X and P↑ + P↑ → P + X at 6 GeV/c. For π+ inclusives substantial asymmetries are observed which decrease with increasing momentum transfer squared P T 2 . For proton inclusives ANN is small but appears to increase with increasing P T 2 . 

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