Spin Dependence of η Meson Production in Proton-Proton Collisions Close to Threshold.

  title={Spin Dependence of η Meson Production in Proton-Proton Collisions Close to Threshold.},
  author={P. Adlarson and W. Augustyniak and W. Bardan and M. Bashkanov and S. D. Bass and F. S. Bergmann and M. Berłowski and A. Bondar and M. B{\"u}scher and H. Cal{\'e}n and I. Ciepał and H. Clement and E. Czerwiński and K. Demmich and R. Engels and A. Erven and W. Erven and W. Eyrich and P. Fedorets and K. Foehl and K. Fransson and F. Goldenbaum and A. Goswami and K. Grigoryev and C. Gullstr{\"o}m and L. Heijkenskj{\"o}ld and V. Hejny and N. Huesken and L. Jarczyk and T. Johansson and B. Kamys and G. Kemmerling and G. Khatri and A. Khoukaz and O. Khreptak and D. A. Kirillov and S. Kistryn and H. Kleines and B. Klos and W. Krzemien and P. Kulessa and A. Kupś{\'c} and A. Kuzmin and K. Lalwani and D. Lersch and B. Lorentz and A. Magiera and R. Maier and P. Marciniewski and B. Mariański and H. Morsch and P. Moskal and H. Ohm and W. Parol and E. Perez del Rio and N. Piskunov and D. Prasuhn and D. Pszczel and K. Pysz and A. Pyszniak and J. Ritman and A. Roy and Z. Rudy and O. Rundel and S. Sawant and S. Schadmand and I. Schaetti-Ozerianska and T. Sefzick and V. Serdyuk and B. Shwartz and K. Sitterberg and T. Skorodko and M. Skurzok and J. Smyrski and V. Sopov and R. Stassen and J. Stepaniak and E. Stephan and G. Sterzenbach and H. Stockhorst and H. Stroeher and A. Szczurek and A. Trzci'nski and M. Wolke and A. Wrońska and P. Wuestner and A. Yamamoto and J. Zabierowski and M. Zieliński and J. Zlomanczuk and P. Zupra'nski and M. Żurek},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={120 2},
  • P. Adlarson, W. Augustyniak, +89 authors M. Żurek
  • Published 2018
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Physical review letters
  • Taking advantage of the high acceptance and axial symmetry of the WASA-at-COSY detector, and the high polarization degree of the proton beam of COSY, the reaction p[over →]p→ppη has been measured close to threshold to explore the analyzing power A_{y}. The angular distribution of A_{y} is determined with the precision improved by more than 1 order of magnitude with respect to previous results, allowing a first accurate comparison with theoretical predictions. The determined analyzing power is… CONTINUE READING
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