Spin Chains, Graphs and State Revival

  title={Spin Chains, Graphs and State Revival},
  author={Hiroshi Miki and Satoshi Tsujimoto and Luc Vinet},
  journal={Orthogonal Polynomials},
Connections between the 1-excitation dynamics of spin lattices and quantum walks on graphs will be surveyed. Attention will be paid to perfect state transfer (PST) and fractional revival (FR) as well as to the role played by orthogonal polynomials in the study of these phenomena. Included is a discussion of the ordered Hamming scheme, its relation to multivariate Krawtchouk polynomials of the Tratnik type, the exploration of quantum walks on graphs of this association scheme and their… 

Quantum walk on extension of association schemes

. In this paper, we study quantum walks on the extension of association schemes. Various state transfers can be achieved on these graphs, such as multiple state transfer among extreme points of a

Czech Technical University in Prague Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering DOCTORAL THESIS State Transfer in Imperfect Networks Prague 2020

This work explores the adverse effects of several perturbations of the ideal models inspired by the physical character of these systems, and proposes Dynamical Decoupling, a quantum error correction method, restricted to using single-particle operations only.



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