Spillover and diffraction sidelobe contamination in a double-shielded experiment for mapping Galactic synchrotron emission

  title={Spillover and diffraction sidelobe contamination in a double-shielded experiment for mapping Galactic synchrotron emission},
  author={Camilo Tello and Thyrso Villela and George F. Smoot and M. Bersanelli and Newton Figueiredo and Giovanni De Amici and M. Bensadoun and Carlos Alexandre Wuensche and S. Torres Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais and Brazil Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and U. Milano and Italy Escola Federal de Engenharia de Itajuba and Brazil Trw and Usa Newfield Wireless Inc and Usa Centro Internacional de Fisica and Colombia},
  journal={Astronomy \& Astrophysics Supplement Series},
We have analyzed observations from a radioas- tronomical experiment to survey the sky at decimetric wavelengths along with feed pattern measurements in or- der to account for the level of ground contamination enter- ing the sidelobes. A major asset of the experiment is the use of a wire mesh fence around the rim-halo shielded an- tenna with the purpose of levelling out and reducing this source of stray radiation for zenith-centered 1-rpm circu- lar scans. We investigate the shielding… 

The 2.3 GHz continuum survey of the GEM project

Context. Determining the spectral and spatial characteristics of th e radio continuum of our Galaxy is an experimentally challenging endeavour for improving our understanding of the astrophysics of

Microwave instrumentation for astrophysical observations: Some contributions

  • T. Villela
  • Physics
    2011 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium
  • 2011
In this paper, it is presented a brief overview of the work done in Brazil related to the development of instrumentation for measurements of the Cosmic Microwave Background and its contaminants. The

25 years of Cosmic Microwave Background research at INPE

This article is a report of 25 years of Cosmic Microwave Background activities at INPE. Starting from balloon flights to measure the dipole anisotropy caused by the Earth's motion inside the CMB

A radio continuum survey of the southern sky at 1420 MHz - The atlas of contour maps

The results of an absolutely calibrated radio continuum survey of the South Celestial Hemisphere at a frequency of 1420 MHz are presented. Contour maps show the area $\rm 0^h \leq RA \leq 24^h$ for

A 5GHz survey of the Galactic Polarized Emission

The Galactic Emission Mapping collaboration is proceeding towards the survey of the polarized emission at 5GHz of the whole sky from antennas located in Portugal covering the North Hemisphere and


The results of the activities under the GEM Project are described in the context of the more recent results of the modern missions to study the Cosmic Background Radiation. A summary of the papers

A Brief History of the Brazilian Participation in CMB Measurements

This contribution is a short report on the Brazilian participation in Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) observational programs. It includes brief descriptions of the experiments aiming to measure



CMB Synchrotron Foreground

. Synchrotron emission is an important process in Galactic dynamics and a potentially confusing foreground for cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation observations. Though the mechanism of

Foregrounds and experiments below 33GHz

In this paper I report on the recent results obtained from the Tenerife switched beam (10 GHz to 33 GHz) experiment and Jodrell Bank 5 GHz interferometer and their predictions for foreground levels.

Um experimento para medir o brilho total do céu em comprimentos de onda centimétricos, Tese de doutorado, Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais

  • 1997

Rad. Sci

  • Rad. Sci
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Atlas of Galactic Neutral Hydrogen

1. Introduction 2. Project motivation 3. Background 4. The Dwingeloo telescope 5. Observing strategy and parameters 6. Initial data reduction 7. Radio interference 8. Stray-radiation correction 9.

Antennas McGraw-Hill, New York, Chap

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