[Spigelian hernia: clinical, diagnostic and therapeutical aspects].


The Authors describing a case of Spigelian hernia observed point out clinical, diagnostic and therapeutic considerations about this rare pathology of abdominal wall. They specify the anatomic characteristics of the region and underline as any diagnostic difficulties are by passed by use of USG and TC imaging for formulation of correct preoperative diagnosis. They confirm as surgical treatment by a correct access isn't different by a normal hernioplasty and guarantee the long term surgical outcome.

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@article{Versaci1998SpigelianHC, title={[Spigelian hernia: clinical, diagnostic and therapeutical aspects].}, author={Antonino Versaci and Maurizio Rossitto and Tommaso Centorrino and Angelo Barbera and M T Fonti and Matteo Broccio and Antonio Ciccolo}, journal={Il Giornale di chirurgia}, year={1998}, volume={19 11-12}, pages={453-7} }