Spigelian Hernias: Repair and Outcome for 81 Patients

  title={Spigelian Hernias: Repair and Outcome for 81 Patients 
  author={David W. Larson and David R. Farley},
  journal={World Journal of Surgery},
Abstract Spigelian hernia is a rare partial abdominal wall defect. The frequent lack of physical findings along with vague associated abdominal complaints makes the diagnosis elusive. A retrospective review of Mayo Clinic patients was performed to find all patients who had undergone surgical repair of a Spigelian hernia from 1976 to 1997. Patients were scrutinized for presentation, work-up, therapy, and outcome. The goal of this study was to obtain long-term outcome. The study was set in a… 
Spigelian hernia: our experience and review of the literature.
Spigelian hernia is rare and requires a high index of suspicion given the lack of consistent symptoms and signs, so the physician should secure the diagnosis combining a proper history and physical examination with the preoperative imaging.
Twelve years of experience treating Spigelian hernia.
Spigelian Hernias Treatment and Diagnosis in Our Experience.
Surgical mesh repair seems to decrease the complication and recurrence rates of Spigelian Hernia and is associated with a wide clinical spectrum and difficulties in preoperative diagnosis.
A Spigelian hernia: Single-center experience in an uncommon hernia
The aim of this study was to report the outcomes of open treatment of eight rare cases of Spigelian hernia and to evaluate the experiences in managing this condition.
Spigel hernia: a single center experience in a rare hernia entity
Spigelian Hernia is a rare entity with a wide clinical spectrum and difficulties in preoperative diagnosis, once the diagnosis of SH is established, a surgical treatment is indicated because of the high complication risk.
Laparoscopic Spigelian Hernia Repair: A Series of 40 Patients
There is considerable evidence supporting the opinion that laparoscopic repair offers excellent outcomes, and this report is the largest series to date, and it is advocated that this approach should become the standard of care.
Laparoscopic Spigelian Hernia Repair: The Scroll Technique
The scroll technique for laparoscopic repair of spigelian hernia is simple and feasible, it minimizes intra-corporeal mesh manipulation, facilitates mesh fixation to the anterior abdominal wall, and maintains a precise orientation of the mesh in relation to the defect.
Spigelian hernia: current approaches to surgical treatment—a review
Both laparoscopic and open repair approaches are validated by current guidelines with lesser postoperative complications and shorter hospital stay in favour of minimally invasive surgery, regardless of the technique used.
Spigelian hernia repair as a day-case procedure
The elective spigelian hernia repair as an ambulatory procedure can be successfully repaired under local anesthesia as a day-case procedure and the “open preperitoneal flat mesh technique” provides excellent results under these conditions.


Spigelian herniae: presentation, diagnosis and treatment.
A personal series of 19 patients (8 males), mean age 62.4 years, with a spigelian hernia [right-sided in eight patients (42.1%)] is presented, finding that treatment was frequently delayed and Predisposing factors were present.
Spigelian hernias: anatomy and roentgenographic manifestations.
The anatomy of an uncommon but important type of lateral ventral hernia is reviewed, and the alert radiologist can suggest this diagnosis in cases in which the lesion is not found or appreciated by the clinician.
Computed tomographic evaluation of spigelian hernia.
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The diagnosis of Spigelian hernia (SH) by high‐resolution real‐time sonography.
By using ultrasonography, a rapid, accurate, and elegant diagnosis of spigelian hernia can be made, and this rapid and effective diagnostic modality must be widely adopted by surgeons as it can be of great benefit in evaluating the patient with vague, nonspecific abdominal complaints in whom an SH is suspected.
The usefulness of ultrasonography in the diagnosis of the Spigelian hernia.
In their opinion ultrasonography represents the gold standard in the diagnosis of Spigelian hernias and the authors recommend its use as the first step in all cases of abdominal wall mass.
Spigelian hernias: a new repair technique using preshaped polypropylene umbrella plugs.
A new modality consisting of the tension-free occlusion of the hernia ring with a preshaped polypropylene umbrella-type plug is used which simplifies the repair and has the advantage of producing minimal postoperative pain and disability.
Evaluation of Spigelian Hernia by CT
All patients presented with abdominal mass and vague symptoms and the CT evaluation allowed preoperative diagnosis ofigelian hernias, which are uncommon abdominal wallHernias with subtle clinical findings.
Laparoscopic repair of bilateral spigelian and inguinal hernias
It is reported the successful laparoscopic repair of bilateral spigelian and inguinal hernias using mesh using mesh.
Strangulated Spigelian hernia.
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There have been two cases requiring emergency surgery at this hospital within the last 5 years, representing 2.4% of all abdominal wall herniae requiring urgent treatment for strangulation.