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Spider Manchu : Duanfang as networker and spindoctor of the late Qing new policies, 1901-1911

  title={Spider Manchu : Duanfang as networker and spindoctor of the late Qing new policies, 1901-1911},
  author={Jun Zhang},
Author(s): Zhang, Jun | Abstract: The dissertation adopts a network approach to explore the New Policy reforms during the late Qing dynasty. It covers the period from 1900 to 1911 and focuses on how provincial officials, with Manchu statesman Duanfang as the central figure, used favors, symbols, personal bonds, and resource exchanges to command the political economy of the reform era. Chapter one elaborates the composition of the upper echelon of the Qing government (Duanfang's major political… Expand
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