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SpiNNaker 2: A 10 Million Core Processor System for Brain Simulation and Machine Learning

  title={SpiNNaker 2: A 10 Million Core Processor System for Brain Simulation and Machine Learning},
  author={Christian Mayr and Sebastian H{\"o}ppner and S. Furber},
  • Christian Mayr, Sebastian Höppner, S. Furber
  • Published 2019
  • Computer Science
  • ArXiv
  • SpiNNaker is an ARM-based processor platform optimized for the simulation of spiking neural networks. This brief describes the roadmap in going from the current SPINNaker1 system, a 1 Million core machine in 130nm CMOS, to SpiNNaker2, a 10 Million core machine in 22nm FDSOI. Apart from pure scaling, we will take advantage of specific technology features, such as runtime adaptive body biasing, to deliver cutting-edge power consumption. Power management of the cores allows a wide range of… CONTINUE READING
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