Sphingomyelinase in pig and human epidermis.

  title={Sphingomyelinase in pig and human epidermis.},
  author={P A Bowser and Gary M. Gray},
  journal={The Journal of investigative dermatology},
  volume={70 6},
The enzyme sphingomyelinase (sphingomyelin phosphorylcholine phosphohydrolase E.C. which hydrolyzes sphingomyelin to ceramide (N-acylsphingosine) and phosphorylcholine was identified in the subcellular fractions of pig and human epidermis. The enzyme has an optimum pH of 4.5 to 5 and is activated by Triton X-100 (0.1% w/v). Approximately two-thirds of the enzyme activity in both the pig and human epidermal homogenates was in the soluble subcellular fraction and more than half of the… CONTINUE READING


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