Sphingolipids related to apoptosis from the point of view of membrane structure and topology.

  title={Sphingolipids related to apoptosis from the point of view of membrane structure and topology.},
  author={Wim J. van Blitterswijk and Arnold H van der Luit and Wendy Caan and Marcel Verheij and Jannie Borst},
  journal={Biochemical Society transactions},
  volume={29 Pt 6},
Sphingolipids and their metabolites are implicated in signal transduction, but the mechanisms are still poorly understood. In particular, the presumed function of ceramide as a second messenger remains controversial. Here, we emphasize the importance of both ceramide and sphingomyelin for membrane structure. The effects of sphingolipid turnover in the induction and effector phases of apoptosis are explained by their impact on membrane microdomains that are relevant for cell signalling or… CONTINUE READING

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