Sphingolipidomics: methods for the comprehensive analysis of sphingolipids.

  title={Sphingolipidomics: methods for the comprehensive analysis of sphingolipids.},
  author={Christopher A. Haynes and Jeremy C. Allegood and Hyejung Park and M. Cameron Sullards},
  journal={Journal of chromatography. B, Analytical technologies in the biomedical and life sciences},
  volume={877 26},
Sphingolipids comprise a highly diverse and complex class of molecules that serve as both structural components of cellular membranes and signaling molecules capable of eliciting apoptosis, differentiation, chemotaxis, and other responses in mammalian cells. Comprehensive or "sphingolipidomic" analyses (structure specific, quantitative analyses of all sphingolipids, or at least all members of a critical subset) are required in order to elucidate the role(s) of sphingolipids in a given… CONTINUE READING


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