Sphingolipid synthetic pathways are major regulators of lipid homeostasis.

  title={Sphingolipid synthetic pathways are major regulators of lipid homeostasis.},
  author={Tilla S. Worgall},
  journal={Advances in experimental medicine and biology},
This chapter focuses on the role of sphingolipids in the regulation of sterol-regulatory element binding protein (SREBP) dependent lipid synthesis and ATP-binding cassette protein ABCA1 and ABCG1 mediated lipid efflux, key regulators of cellular lipid homeostasis. Sphingolipid synthesis activates SREBPs independently of whether sphingolipid synthesis occurs through recycling or de novo pathways. SREBPs are major transcription factors of lipid metabolism that regulate more than 30 genes of… CONTINUE READING
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