Sphingolipid metabolism: roles in signal transduction and disruption by fumonisins.

  title={Sphingolipid metabolism: roles in signal transduction and disruption by fumonisins.},
  author={Alfred H. Merrill and M. Cameron Sullards and Elaine Ying Wang and Kenneth Voss and Ronald T. Riley},
  journal={Environmental Health Perspectives},
  pages={283 - 289}
Sphingolipids have important roles in membrane and lipoprotein structure and in cell regulation as second messengers for growth factors, differentiation factors, cytokines, and a growing list of agonists. Bioactive sphingolipids are formed both by the turnover of complex sphingolipids and as intermediates of sphingolipid biosynthesis. Usually, the amounts are highly regulated; however, by inhibiting ceramide synthase, fumonisins block the biosynthesis of complex sphingolipids and cause… CONTINUE READING


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