Spherosome membranes: half unit-membranes.

  title={Spherosome membranes: half unit-membranes.},
  author={Lawrence Y. Yatsu and Thomas J. Jacks},
  journal={Plant physiology},
  volume={49 6},
Spherosomes are bounded by unusual single-line "membranes" which measure 2 to 3.5 nanometers in width, contrasted to the well known tripartite unit-membranes which measure 6 to 8.5 nanometers in over-all thickness. Juxtaposed externally (from the side addressing the hyaloplasm), two spherosomal membranes adjoin to form a thicker single line, but apposed internally (the sides that contact stored lipid) two single-line membranes touch to form a tripartite structure resembling a unit-membrane… CONTINUE READING