Spherical T-duality and the spherical Fourier–Mukai transform

  title={Spherical T-duality and the spherical Fourier–Mukai transform},
  author={Peter Bouwknegt and Jarah Evslin and Varghese Mathai},
  journal={Journal of Geometry and Physics},
Computations in higher twisted $K$-theory
Higher twisted $K$-theory is an extension of twisted $K$-theory introduced by Ulrich Pennig which captures all of the homotopy-theoretic twists of topological $K$-theory in a geometric way. We give
On the Chern Character in Higher Twisted K-Theory and Spherical T-Duality
In this paper, we construct for higher twists that arise from cohomotopy classes, the Chern character in higher twisted K-theory, that maps into higher twisted cohomology. We show that it gives rise


Spherical T-Duality
We introduce spherical T-duality, which relates pairs of the form (P, H) consisting of a principal SU(2)-bundle $${P \rightarrow M}$$P→M and a 7-cocycle H on P. Intuitively spherical T-duality
Topology and H-flux of T-dual manifolds.
A general formula for the topology and H-flux of the T-dual of a type II compactification is presented, finding that the manifolds on each side of the duality are circle bundles whose curvatures are given by the integral of theDual H- flux over the dual circle.
Euler characteristics and Gysin sequences for group actions on boundaries
Let G be a locally compact group, let X be a universal proper G-space, and let be a G-equivariant compactification of X that is H-equivariantly contractible for each compact subgroup . Let . Assuming
Unit spectra of K-theory from strongly self-absorbing C*-algebras
We give an operator algebraic model for the first group of the unit spectrum gl_1(KU) of complex topological K-theory, i.e. [X,BGL_1(KU)], by bundles of stabilized infinite Cuntz C*-algebras
On the Topology of T-Duality
We study a topological version of the T-duality relation between pairs consisting of a principal U(1)-bundle equipped with a degree-three integral cohomology class. We describe the homotopy type of a
D-branes, T-duality, and Index Theory
We show that the transformation of D-branes under T-duality on four-torus is represented by Nahm transform of instantons. The argument for this allows us to generalize Nahm transform to the case of
A non‐commutative model for higher twisted K‐theory
We develop an operator algebraic model for twisted K ‐theory, which includes the most general twistings as a generalized cohomology theory (that is, all those classified by the unit spectrum bgl1(KU)
A Dixmier--Douady theory for strongly self-absorbing C*-algebras
Abstract We show that the Dixmier–Douady theory of continuous fields of C*C^{*}-algebras with compact operators 𝕂{\mathbb{K}} as fibers extends significantly to a more general theory of fields with
Groups of Homotopy Spheres, I
DEFINITION. Two closed n-manifolds M, and M2 are h-cobordant1 if the disjoint sum M, + (- M2) is the boundary of some manifold W, where both M1 and (-M2) are deformation retracts of W. It is clear
A higher categorical analogue of topological T-duality for sphere bundles
We introduce a periodic form of the iterated algebraic K-theory of ku, the (connective) complex K-theory spectrum, as well as a natural twisting of this cohomology theory by higher gerbes.