Spheres of Justice: A Defense of Pluralism and Equality.

  title={Spheres of Justice: A Defense of Pluralism and Equality.},
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Achieving and Sustaining Universal Health Coverage: Fiscal Reform of the National Health Insurance in Taiwan
  • Jesse Yu-Chen Lan
  • Medicine, Political Science
    Applied Health Economics and Health Policy
  • 2016
The main argument of this paper is that the Taiwanese Government did try to implement various reforms to save costs and had moderate success, but the path-dependent process of reform does not allow increasing contribution rates significantly and thereby makes sustainability challenging.
The communitarian community membership and the support for an entry visa1
Why, as a Nigerian, do I need a visa to travel to South Africa? Why should a South African require a visa to travel to Nigeria? The answers seem obvious. I am not a South African but a Nigerian and a
The exclusion of serious criminals from Convention Refugee status : statehood, human rights, and human security
The 1951 Refugee Convention protects the basic right of an individual to be treated as an independent social agent of justification. It embodies the moral and legal framework through which any person
'Sharing the same roof'? : a consociational approach to the compatibility of cultural identity schools with liberal democratic values
This study critically examines the congruence of liberal democratic values with a conceptual framework for a national system of state-funded cultural identity schools. The study argues that the
Justice and the Justice System : A Comparison of Tax Evasion and Welfare Fraud in Australasia
This article investigates the extent to which conceptually similar financial offending (tax evasion and welfare fraud) is treated differently in the justice systems in New Zealand and Australia. Two
Justice for All? Special Education 2000 and the Politics of Difference
In this article I will argue that New Zealand's Special Education 2000 (SE2000) policy demonstrates the way in which seemingly just and fair policies can lead to occurrences of injustice and
Citizens-minus and citizens-plus : a normative attempt to defend citizenship acquisition as an entitlement based on residence
Examining Board: Professor Rainer Baubock, European University Institute (supervisor) Professor Anna Triandafyllidou, European University Institute Professor Joseph Carens, University of Toronto
‘Migrants in a Feverland’: State Obligations towards the Environmentally Displaced
This paper considers whether states have a duty to accept those who cross borders to escape environmental disasters associated with climate change. It then examines how such a responsibility might be
A Communitarian Theory of the Education Rights of Students with Disabilities
There is a lack of writing on the issue of the education rights of people with disabilities by authors of any theoretical persuasion. While the deficiency of theory may be explained by a variety of
Justice in transport as justice in accessibility: applying Walzer’s ‘Spheres of Justice’ to the transport sector
This paper seeks to provide a theoretical basis for a distributive approach to transport. Using the theory developed by Michael Walzer in his ‘Spheres of Justice’ (1983), I argue that the transport