Sphenoid sinus fungus ball: our experience.

  title={Sphenoid sinus fungus ball: our experience.},
  author={Fabio Pagella and Alessandro Pusateri and Elina Matti and Georgios Giourgos and Caterina Cavanna and Francesca De Bernardi and Maurizio Bignami and Paolo G Castelnuovo},
  journal={American journal of rhinology & allergy},
  volume={25 4},
BACKGROUND Fungal rhinosinusitis is a common disease of the paranasal sinuses. The fungus ball (FB) is defined as an extramucosal mycotic proliferation that fills one or more paranasal sinuses. Sphenoid sinus is an uncommon localization of this disease, as reported in the literature. This study describes our experience in the diagnosis and treatment of sphenoid sinus FB (SSFB), with a particular focus on the surgical approach to the sphenoid sinus. METHODS We retrospectively analyzed the… CONTINUE READING


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