Sphenoid sinus: an anatomic and endoscopic study in Asian cadavers.

  title={Sphenoid sinus: an anatomic and endoscopic study in Asian cadavers.},
  author={Henry Kun Kiaang Tan and Yew Kwang Ong},
  journal={Clinical anatomy},
  volume={20 7},
An anatomic and endoscopic study of 48 cadaveric heads (96 sphenoid sinuses) was undertaken to describe the anatomy of the sphenoid sinus in Asians. Sellar type of sphenoid sinus is the most common, present in 53 out of 96 sides (55%). Forty-five of the 48 heads had a dominant sphenoid cavity, of which 11 contained vital structures from both sides of the sphenoid sinus. The incidence of accessory septae, carotid artery, optic nerve, maxillary nerve, and vidian nerve bulges were 70.8%, 67.7%, 69… CONTINUE READING
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