Spermine prevents endonuclease activation and apoptosis in thymocytes.

  title={Spermine prevents endonuclease activation and apoptosis in thymocytes.},
  author={Bernhard Br{\"u}ne and P Hartzell and Pierluigi Nicotera and Sten Orrenius},
  journal={Experimental cell research},
  volume={195 2},
Glucocorticoid hormones, Ca2+ ionophores, and some toxic chemicals activate a suicide process in thymocytes, known as apoptosis or programmed cell death. A crucial event in apoptosis is the activation of a Ca(2+)- and Mg(2+)-dependent endonuclease that promotes extensive DNA fragmentation. In this study, we investigated the effect of various polyamines on endonuclease activation leading to thymocyte apoptosis. We found that both glucocorticoid- and Ca2+ ionophore-induced DNA fragmentation and… CONTINUE READING