Spermicidal activity and chemical analysis of Pentapanax leschenaultii.

  title={Spermicidal activity and chemical analysis of Pentapanax leschenaultii.},
  author={G. Pant and M. Panwar and D. Negi and M. Rawat},
  journal={Planta medica},
  volume={54 5},
Triterpenic glycosides have been reported to have spermicidal potential furthermore "CONSAP" cream with these constituents as the active compounds has reached clinical trial as a male contraceptive. Panax and other araliacious plants are rich sources of triterpenic glycosides. We recorded 100% immobilization of human spermatozoa by the ethanolic extract of the fresh leaves of Pentapanax leschenaultii (DC). Seen at the 2% level when assayed by the methods reported. Since the plant has not been… Expand