Spermiation: The process of sperm release.

  title={Spermiation: The process of sperm release.},
  author={Liza O'Donnell and Peter Nicholls and Moira K O'Bryan and R I Mclachlan and Peter Gordon Stanton},
  volume={1 1},
Spermiation is the process by which mature spermatids are released from Sertoli cells into the seminiferous tubule lumen prior to their passage to the epididymis. It takes place over several days at the apical edge of the seminiferous epithelium, and involves several discrete steps including remodelling of the spermatid head and cytoplasm, removal of specialized adhesion structures and the final disengagement of the spermatid from the Sertoli cell. Spermiation is accomplished by the co… CONTINUE READING
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