Spermatozoa as potential carriers of HIV.

  title={Spermatozoa as potential carriers of HIV.},
  author={Elisabeth Dussaix and Denise Gu{\'e}tard and Charlie Dauguet and M D'almeida and Jana Auer and A. Gray Ellrodt and Luc Montagnier and Maurice Auroux},
  journal={Research in virology},
  volume={144 6},
In order to investigate the role of germ cells in the sexual transmission of immunodeficiency virus (HIV), spermatozoa from healthy HIV-seronegative men were incubated in vitro with HIV1. After washing, they were cocultured with peripheral blood leukocytes from seronegative blood donors. Reverse transcriptase assays and p24 antigen tests were performed in culture supernatants. Electron microscopy examination of these HIV-incubated spermatozoa was carried out, as well as the search for CD4… CONTINUE READING

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