Spermatogene Übertragung des „Virus Marburg“

  title={Spermatogene {\"U}bertragung des „Virus Marburg“},
  author={G. A. Martini and H. A. E. Schmidt},
  journal={Klinische Wochenschrift},
ZusammenfassungEs wird über 2 Patienten berichtet, die als Ehepartner mit einer zeitlichen Differenz von etwa 2 Monaten die durch das „Virus Marburg“ hervorgerufene Infektionskrankheit durchmachten. Die Ehefrau zeigte 4 Tage nach einem Coitus die ersten Symptome. Bei dem Ehemann fand sich zur selben Zeit im Ejaculat ein Erregerantigen, das im Meerschweinchentest, durch Immunfluoreszenz und im Phasenkontrast nachgewiesen werden konnte. Aufgrund dieser Befunde muß eine spermatogene Übertragung… 
A Forgotten Episode of Marburg Virus Disease: Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 1967
The three episodes of infection of 1967 still represent the best in-depth clinical look at MVD in general and in the context of “modern” medicine (fully resourced versus less-resourced capacity) in particular.
Delayed Time-to-Treatment of an Antisense Morpholino Oligomer Is Effective against Lethal Marburg Virus Infection in Cynomolgus Macaques
Data show that AVI-7288 protects NHPs against an otherwise lethal MARV infection when treatment is initiated up to 96 h PI.
Determinants of patient survival following acute Ebola virus infection
It is demonstrated that higher viral load and malaria co-infection are correlated with poor patient outcome, and highlights the fact that animal studies, cell culture and the analysis of clinical samples should be considered in tandem in order to effectively study all aspects of EBOV biology.
Persistence of Ebola virus RNA in seminal fluid.
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Pathogenicity and virulence of Marburg virus
This review sought to analyze and amalgamate significant information regarding MARV disease epidemics, pathophysiology, and management approaches to provide a better understanding of this deadly virus and the associated infection.
Rescue of non-human primates from advanced Sudan ebolavirus infection with lipid encapsulated siRNA
Strong survival benefit and rapid control of SUDV replication by VP35-targeting LNP confirm its therapeutic potential in combatting this lethal disease.
New Insights Into Marburg Virus Disease Pathogenesis in the Rhesus Macaque Model.
It is found that during acute MVD in the macaque model, there is frequent inflammation of peripheral nerves, autonomic ganglia, and the iris of the eye, which is relevant for both development of postconvalescent sequelae and the natural transmission of virus.