Sperm ultrastructure in Chironomoidea (Insecta, Diptera).

  title={Sperm ultrastructure in Chironomoidea (Insecta, Diptera).},
  author={Romano Dallai and Bianca Maria Lombardo and Pietro Lupetti},
  journal={Tissue & cell},
  volume={39 3},
The fine structure of spermatozoa from several species of chironomids, of Culicoides sp. (Ceratopogonidae) and of Odagmia pontina (Simulidae) was studied. A synapomorphic feature, consisting of nine kidney-shaped structures forming the centriole adjunct, was found in the chironomid species. All members of Chironomoidea share a mono-layered acrosome and a flagellar axoneme, provided with accessory tubules with 15 protofilaments in their tubular wall. The axoneme has a 9+9+2 pattern, but in an… CONTINUE READING