Sperm parameters on Iberian red deer: electroejaculation and post-mortem collection.

  title={Sperm parameters on Iberian red deer: electroejaculation and post-mortem collection.},
  author={Alberto Flores Mart{\'i}nez and F Mart{\'i}nez-Pastor and Mercedes Prudencio {\'A}lvarez and Mara R Fern{\'a}ndez-Santos and Milagros Cristina Esteso and P L P{\'e}rez de Paz and J. Juli{\'a}n Garde and Luis Anel},
  volume={70 2},
Artificial reproductive technologies (ART) for cervids have improved, but a need remains for the collection of basic data. We studied two models of sperm collection in Iberian red deer, post-mortem (PM) in a wild population (179 samples) and by electroejaculation (EE) in a farmed population (37 samples), recording: testicular and epididymal weight, testicular diameter, sperm quantity, pH and osmolality and spermatozoa quality (motility by CASA, abnormal forms, cytoplasmic droplets, viability… CONTINUE READING

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