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Spelling Correction: from Two-Level Morphology to Open Source

  title={Spelling Correction: from Two-Level Morphology to Open Source},
  author={I. Alegria and K. Ceberio and N. Ezeiza and A. Soroa and Gregorio Hern{\'a}ndez},
Basque is a highly inflected and agglutinative language (Alegria et al., 1996). Two-level morphology has been applied successfully to this kind of languages and there are two-level based descriptions for very different languages. After doing the morphological description for a language, it is easy to develop a spelling checker/corrector for this language. However, what happens if we want to use the speller in the “free world” (OpenOffice, Mozilla, emacs, LaTeX, etc.)? Ispell and similar tools… Expand
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