Speedy elimination of ureterolithiasis in lower part of ureters with the alpha 1-blocker – Tamsulosin

  title={Speedy elimination of ureterolithiasis in lower part of ureters with the alpha 1-blocker – Tamsulosin},
  author={Il'ja {\vC}erven{\'a}kov and Juraj Fillo and Jozef Mardiak and M. Kope{\vc}n{\'u} and J. {\vS}mirala and Peter Laba{\vs}},
  journal={International Urology and Nephrology},
Background:Alpha – 1 blockers decrease the tension and release the spasm of smooth muscles and thus lessen the obstruction and irritation symptoms in the lower urinary tract (LUTS). They make a faster passing of calculi from the terminal part of the ureters possible.Objectives:The goal of this study was to objectively assess the improvement of difficulties caused by obstructions in ureterolithiasis localized in the lower part of the ureters of 104 randomly chosen patients (pts.) in a double… CONTINUE READING


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